Privacy Policy

This OpenCFP installation will collect personal information from you for the purpose of managing talk submissions for a conference. The organizers will delete all records from the database being used with this installation within 15 months of accepting submissions for the event associated with this OpenCFP installation.

In future releases tools will be provided to allow OpenCFP installations to more easily comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation that comes into effect on May 25, 2018. This OpenCFP installation currently does not provide a way to download all the information created by users of the application. To submit a request for what data we hold on you please contact our team who can assist you.

ScotlandPHP will additionally add all applicants to our limited use Application mailinglist, this data is used to quickly and easily send out updates on the progress as well as inform you when the call for speakers are closing. Once the call for speakers selection has been completed you will receive an email informing you whether your talk has been accepted and the mailing list is archived, pending full deletion within 12 months.